Captain B McCrea

Captain B. McCrea is a human male who was in command of the Axiom from 2775 to 2805. Like the rest of humanity, he was extremely obese and almost always confined to a hoverchair. Most of the day-to-day management of the ship was handled by Auto and the ship's computer. However, once a probe ship returned with evidence of life on Earth, the Captain wished to return to Earth immediately and bring humanity home. but the plant that was within EVE was missing, so everything goes back to normal. When WALL•E surprises him, he asks that the robot be cleaned up. The dirt that was on WALL•E made him intrigued about Earth and began researching about their home. He became fascinated by all of the different customs. Then EVE brought the plant, which was stolen by GO-4. However, Auto asked it but McCrea demanded to know what was going on, giving a direct order. Auto reveals Directive A-113, a command from Shelby Forthright that Operation Cleanup was a failure and orders that all ships stay on course and don't return to Earth. That message was made over seven hundred years ago and McCrea argues that the plant is proof that Earth is still habitable. Noticing the pictures of all the captains from generations down, McCrea notices that Auto is in every one, meaning he was the true captain of the Axiom. Putting on his hat, McCrea states they are going home but Auto was unable to disobey his directive and stages a mutiny. McCrea uses whatever tech in his room to inform EVE where the Holo Detector is. Using a picture of WALL•E with the plant, McCrea tricks Auto into thinking he had it to distract him while the robots got the real plant. During the fight, McCrea brings up the Holo Detector but Auto tries to close it. When WALL•E uses his mangled body to barely keep it opened, EVE screams for her love; at this horrendous act, McCrea gains the strength to stand up on his own and manages to hit Auto's "manual button", deactivating him. Everyone gets the plant into the holodetector, jumping the Axiom back to Earth. McCrea teaches the kids how to grow plants at the end of the movie.