WALL•A units are robots built by the BnL Corporation, and usually assigned to a spacecraft. They're charged with packing and removing garbaget in a garbage disposal that is delivered there by the garbage truck bots. WALL•A units are considerably larger than WALL•E units, but like their smaller brethren, WALL•A units compact garbage into cubes. These cubes are then loaded into an airlock and ejected into space. Their names could stand for Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Axiom class.

WALL•As has a Big Large Giant Deep Voice (was made and voice by PlainTalk, speak like AUTO).

Two WALL•A units were encountered by WALL•E, M-O, and EVE aboard the Axiom.

A single WALL•A unit blocks WALL•E's path on Earth in the WALL•E video game. WALL•E works with EVE to destroy the robot's heart. Two more units are later seen aboard the Axiom just as they are in the movie.